Client Summary: SDSU X-Team

x-team_final_logo_squareThe SDSU X-Team, one of 30 teams remaining in an international contest to develop a mobile handheld healthcare device (the “Tricorder”), approached Arrow Media Group to help develop public awareness of the team and their efforts. Our goal was to position the SDSU X-Team as the winning team by increasing awareness amongst potential partners and donors, the SDSU community, and the Greater San Diego area as a whole through media coverage, key public engagement, and social media and website optimization.

Our team secured coverage in the UT San Diego Community Spotlight and wrote three stories showcasing the capabilities of the SDSU X-Team. One of three stories were published on the SDSU Newscenter website and shared through social media. Additionally, our team developed the SDSU X-Team’s mission statement, provided media training, and developed a key engagement strategy. Our efforts in this strategy have helped create additional awareness for the SDSU X-Team, while also allowing team members a chance to shine as individuals.

The SDSU X-Team’s website was also lacking meaningful content, as well as their social media presence. By revamping both, Arrow Media Group created new and improved web platforms for audiences to learn more about the team, interact with them, and as a way to grow pride amongst San Diegans. This, combined with media training and engagement consultation, has afforded the SDSU X-Team the awareness and information they need moving forward.