Client Summary: RAD-Lab


The RAD-Lab team implemented a successful PR plan that aimed to improve the media relations of a local up-and-coming architecture and design firm. The plan’s overall goal was to increase engagement of RAD-Lab with their latent and active publics through media, and raise awareness amongst the community of RAD-Lab’s newest community project, Quartyard.

Arrow Media Group drafted a press release that included endorsement quotes from a local politician and a prominent investor of the Quartyard project. Because RAD-Lab is already receiving attention from local media, our team conducted formal media training and provided RAD-Lab with a thorough media engagement guide. Arrow Media Group also provided RAD-Lab with a comprehensive media kit. This included written biographies, past media placements, a company overview, and a thorough oversight of the company’s design projects.

In order to increase RAD-Lab’s social media engagement, our team provided a thorough analysis of the company’s social media use. We then provided recommendations and assistance in engaging with publics, resulting in a steady increase in interaction over the three-month period. Ultimately, Arrow Media Group provided RAD-Lab with the tools they need to implement successful media relations.