Client Summary: Cedros Avenue

Cedros Avenue is one of Arrow Media Group‘s lifestyle clients that would make any team fall in love with their job. Celebrating their 36th anniversary this year, Cedros Avenue has more than 85 shops on 2 ½ blocks offering interior design, fashion, beauty, and dining experiences. Cedros Avenue is the only avenue with all independent shops in San Diego. This client team was comprised of four young professionals: Belinda Too, Nancy Ly, Isabela Belotto, and Solana Braun.

The initial challenge presented to Arrow Media Group was how to increase foot traffic for a destination that has been around for over 35 years. The client team sought to solve this challenge by promoting Cedros Avenue as a tourist destination and by increasing awareness with local San Diego residents. The public relations plan consisted of managing and executing an exclusive event to invite and educate concierges within greater San Diego and tours companies, who we determined to be opinion leaders for our target publics. In addition, the team promoted a media brunch to reach San Diego residents through journalists, mommy bloggers, and other influencers. A social media plan, mainly for Instagram, was also created.

More than 25 concierges and 9 different media representatives attended the event, including Where Magazine San Diego, The Coast News and Ranch News. The results were seen instantly with positive feedback from attendees, social media engagement, and press coverage. At this time, some journalists have already published articles about #mydayoncedros, and the concierge wrote “thank you”” letters, cementing the newly formed relationships. @cedrosavenue‘s follower count raised over 30% in one week and Facebook reach was at an all time high for the year.